After rounds of R&D and insights from Spacruzzi owners and prospective rental operation buyers we are thrilled to bring you a product that will make hot tub boats a staple of American waterways. Introducing Spacruzzi BLUE.

An absolute rental operation workhorse, Spacruzzi BLUE is a turnkey, hassle-free, head turner. As simple as operating a backyard hot tub and just as easy to own. Spacruzzi BLUE is a "can't miss" attraction that draws in rental customers and provides the one of a kind experience they won't stop talking about. UV chemical free cleaning, and all electric operation make Spacruzzi BLUE an exciting and eco-friendly experience that everyone can feel good about.

With an extremely low cost of ownership and operation, Spacruzzi BLUE saves your bandwidth while maximizing your rental profits. We have created the insurance provider approved playbook on starting a new rental operation or adding hot tub boats to your fleet.


How it works

Get your Spacruzzi BLUE into the water (we have several trailer, marina, and lift solutions)

Add water

Turn on your Spacruzzi BLUE and set temperature

Place provided cover over the water

Charge your Torqueedo motor batteries

Allow water to reach desired temperature (time will vary depending on fill water temperature and climate)

Add a battery to your motor

Ensure personal flotation devices are placed in the onboard compartment

Sit back, relax, and go explore in your new Spacruzzi BLUE.

In between rides, simply plug in your Spacruzzi BLUE to recharge the battery driving the pump, heating and cleaning, change Torqueedo motor battery if needed and cover to maintain heat.  

easy to own


Fully electric

Turn it on, set the heat, enjoy

Internal circulation pump, heater and chemical free UV sanitization

Shade cover

Torqueedo electric motor with rechargeable battery system

Kiwi Grip or Teak Decking

Fully featured boat with Kiwi Grip Decking: $39,800

Get Yours

Delivering early summer. A 30 day refundable deposit of $1,000 secures your boat. Upon deposit you will work with the Spacruzzi team to finalize any features, add-ons and transportation needs. Once finalized you will be provided with an invoice to be paid in two installments prior to delivery.

Spacruzzi BLUE with shade cover, solar power, durable gelcoat finish and Kiwi Grip decking starts at $39,800. Upgraded decking, paint options and finishes are available. 

Questions? Learn more about starting a commercial operation and utilize the rental revenue calculator.



The Spacruzzi team will work with you as you navigate starting an operation or adding Spacruzzi boats to your existing fleet. Some of the areas we can assist in include:

Acquiring insurance for your boats through familiar providers

Acquiring insurance for your rental operation using our pre approved playbook with hot tub boat rental operation standards and practices  

Working with local regulatory agencies

Marketing your operation and developing your brand

Technology implementation including booking and customer communication