About Spacruzzi

Uncompromising Quality

Our Mission

While there have been other versions of hot tub boats on the market over the years, nothing comes close to matching the experience of a Spacruzzi.

From the attention to detail, luxury finishes and patent pending features to the outstanding build quality and ease of ownership - we have set out to create the most sought after experience on the water.

We built Spacruzzi to provide an unforgettable experience to the end user while giving rental operators and entrepeneuers an exciting new offering to build and grow their business and it is our mission to enable this industry to thrive.

Designed & Crafted

American Made

Your Spacruzzi is designed, fabricated and assembled in our production facilities located in Nevada and Montana. We support locally owned suppliers and service providers that are able to inspect every component that goes into your boat, ensuring superior build quality and durability for years to come.

Exceeds Environmental Regulations

Electric motor

USCG compliant gas heater

Proprietary circulation and green sanitization system

Spacruzzi has received approvals to operate in some of the most heavily regulated bodies of water in the United States.

Fully Compliant

Spacruzzi is safe and simple for anyone to operate. The design of the boat prevents tipping and provides a smooth ride. All safety equipment and life vests are stowed securely in an easy to access compartment.

Every Spacruzzi boat meets USCG specifications and allows for display of all required identification and local inspection decals.

Get Started

We are thrilled to share that reservations for the 2024 Spacruzzi production cycle are now open!

Because every Spacruzzi is handmade, production spots are limited. To secure your Spacruzzi order in our 2024 production cycle, we require a nonrefundable waitlist deposit of $2500 per boat.

Once we are prepared to fulfill your order, a 50% deposit, minus the $2500 per boat waitlist deposit, will be necessary to initiate production of your Spacruzzi. The final 50% payment will be due upon your order's completion, prior to shipping it to your specified destination.

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