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The electric propulsion, self-heating, self-cleaning hot tub boat that comes complete with a gas powered fireplace stove.

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"The question isn't - Why would you build a hot tub boat with a gas-fired fireplace; the question is, why wouldn't you?"

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Spacruzzi for Rental Operations

Start your own hot tub boat rental or partner with us and become a Spacruzzi affiliate and get everything you need to start up and run a successful operation.

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Customize your Spacruzzi, or commercial fleet, and start your order with a $1,000 deposit.

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American Made

Nevada & montana

Your Spacruzzi is designed, fabricated and assembled in our production facilities located in Nevada and Montana. From the attention to detail, luxury finishes and patent pending features to the outstanding build quality and ease of ownership - we have set out to create the most sought after experience on the water.

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Electric Motor

Whisper quiet with quick change, rapid charge batteries allow for extended outings.

Fireplace Stove

Propane powered stove with safety system and auto shutoff, USCG approved.

Onboard Cooler

Water proof compartment keeps drinks ice cold during your ride.

Premium Decking

Choose from a variety of premium synthetic teak and rubberized decking options, colors and caulking.

Custom Colors

Choose from a variety of colors to make Spacruzzi your own.

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Commercial Use

Learn more about Spacruzzi for commercial use, calculate your rental revenue and start your order.

Personal Use

Choose from premium colors, decking and metal options to personalize your Spacruzzi.