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High margin, one-of-a-kind, rental operation.

Spacruzzi hot tub boats appeal to renters in all seasons - morning, day and night. The uniqueness of the hot tub boat and patent pending fireplace stove make Spacruzzi the ultimate experience for everyone from a group of friends to a romantic sunset cruise.

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Exceeds Environmental Regulations

Electric motor

Coast Guard Compliant Gas Stove

Non-chemical sanitizing

Spacruzzi has received approvals to operate in some of the most heavily regulated bodies of water in the country.

safe and simple operation

Fully Compliant

Spacruzzi is safe and simple for anyone to operate. The design of the boat prevents tipping and provides a smooth ride. All safety equipment and life vests are stowed securely in an easy to access compartment. Every Spacruzzi boat meets USCG specifications and allows for display of all required identification and local inspection decals.

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